Vertigo Design

  • 24-10-2018

Vertigo Design in "Design Firms Open For Business"

Vertigo Design appears in the book “Design Firms Open For Business” by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. In this are presented the stories of some of the most interesting graphic studios around the world, underling their skills and specificities. This book provides a very accurate look inside big and small studios and companies, worldwide. It helps to focus on mechanisms of more than 40 design companies, differently characterised, whilst providing interesting inspiration for companies working in similar fields.


  • 22-10-2018

ADI Design Index 2017

The exhibition project “Mars – Close Encounters with the Red Planet” has been realised in collaboration with Vivi&Partners, and selected for the ADI Design Index 2017 – Exhibition Design category. Realised for ASI (Italian Space Agency) the exhibition curator is Viviana Panaccia, Vertigo Design for the Visual Design and Mattia Darò for the architectonic project.


  • 26-05-2011

Pro Bono