Vertigo Design
  • 20-11-2018

RUFA - UBUNTU / a manifesto for humanity

A project by Armando Milani, Mario Fois and Paolo Buonaiuto. Supervised by Armando Milani, RUFA students developed paths and projects aimed in creating a manifesto / message about humanity matters, whilts focusing on the history, ways and techniques. All best projects have been exposed during the exhibition “UBUNTU – I am because we are – 150 Manifestos for Solidarity” (Rotonda della Besana, Milan). It has been displayed also a manifesto created by Vertigo Design.


  • 26-10-2018

Workshop with Lorenzo Fanton and Armando Milani

The new academic year at RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts- began with an intensive week of workshops, unconventional courses and theoretical/practical classes. Artists, experts and professionals worked with students, producing innovative objects. Sharing these events and experiences with Lorenzo Fanton - from Pentagram NewYork- and Armando Milani has been an useful and enriching experience. What's inside and around the project: confronting each others, exchange, creating relations and sharing.


  • 20-06-2018

Letterpress with SVA from New York

Letterpress workshop with students from the School of Visual Arts of New York, and Master in Typography at the RUFA of Rome (Rome University of Fine Arts). A whole day exploring movable-type, lithographic stamps, new shapes, Rome postcards, hands ink-coloured, and... smiles! With Lita Talarico, Steven Heller, Louise Fili, Maria Pina Bentivenga, Mario Rullo and Mario Fois.


  • 13-09-2013

Next Level


  • 17-01-2012