Vertigo Design

Since its very beginning Vertigo Design has always been actively involved in creating visual identities for enterprises. Indeed, shaping the perfect image for a company, an enterprise or an institution, is a daily task for our team. While providing a dynamic approach with our services, we are always aware of modern trends and technological innovation.


Vertigo Design offers branding strategies as a dynamic and creative process. With this, sometimes, the way we approach markets is as important as clients' vision. Enterprises are supported in creating a communication or sale strategy focusing on the importance of Visual Design; with this, we can enhance brand identities and simplify market achievements.


We provide every tool you may need for developing the perfect strategy for your marketing activities; working with our partners, we will find a coherent, effective and distinctive solution. Vertigo Design offers 360° PR integrated media plans, combining traditional solutions (press, radio, TV) with new medias (internet and social media).


We offer advertsiment services: from developing a creative idea, to  realising and fulfilling a integrated strategy, through press, tv, radio and web. Advertising services are a key part of a complete strategy.


Vertigo Design provides Annual and Activity Reports, magazine and newsletter services for enterprises and institutional clients. Through our experience we can offer a wide range of publication services, including also web comunication.

Information design

Infographic is offered as a key element for communicating with a wide audience on a complex content. Throught the project “Infographicsense” and with its partners, Vertigo Design provides a crossmedia approach, and creates projects ranging from the virtual (web and digital) to physical (set up of architectural spaces and exhibitions).


Positioning projects concern both traditional and digital positioning services. Vertigo Design creates signs and routes respecting local identity.

Digital design

Web projects include mobile supported content, created being aware of communication, browsing and branding issues. Vertigo Design provides an active approach aimed in offering innovative solutions for companies.

Exhibit design

In realising set-ups we collaborate with our clients and partners, so to present a story through physical space. The particular attention we put in the “set-up” work for exhibited contents goes with attentive and coherent services we provide being aware of the overall communication.