Vertigo Design
2013 calendar
Senza tempo

Our society already seems to lack the concept of time. One of the main causes of this is to be found in the new technologies, which invade everyday life. Nowadays we can communicate long-distance, read, find things out, purchase products and invest money basically whenever we want to. On the other hand, ideas, knowledge and works of art come from a timeless dimension where everything seems to lead back to the present.  This conveys a fluid and discontinuous sense of the “factor of time”, which is strictly linked to our perception of physical space. The relativity of time has become common knowledge and if we see a rocket shoot through outer space we would see its equipment moving in slow motion. The most current theories hypothesise that time doesn’t exist, and that there is only movement and change. Realty seems shockingly fragmented to us, a complex combination of separate moments, like separate notes of a larger harmony. If our idea of time were to be confirmed – maybe by creating physical and virtual environments where we can test out its absence – then we would be able to live in dreams that have to beginning or end.