Vertigo Design
2014 calendar
Signs of italian design

Many people talk about Italian design, Italian style and the “Made in Italy” trademark. But it’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes this style unique, even for the Italians themselves. We’ve tried to find the answer by looking at Italy’s history and present, its ideas and visions.

For sure, the reasons behind its success can not be found in its raw materials, as with Scandinavian wood. Nor can it be found in technology, as with Japan’s ordered and composed tech. It can’t even be traced back to a single component; on the contrary, plurality is its strongpoint. In fact, the apparent differences in Italian design create a circular chain of thought with each subject borrowing something for another. This is where craftsmanship and industries meet; in the minds of designers art icons are made into functioning beings and ethical messages can be found in everyday objects.

Italian design was born with limited means, materials and resources, but full of inventiveness and able to turn necessity into a virtue, which is what Italian artists are known for doing. These artists have been able to turn apparent difficulty into incredible works of art by using few, high-quality ingredients. We’ve identified six of these ingredients, which can be mixed and create a plethora of artistic recipes. Each of these is represented by an object that embodies its spirit and meaning. And who is to say that we can’t start again from just these key-words. Obviously, other concepts can be added to the six we’ve pinpointed. That is actually what we hope will happen: that everyone will find their own ones, because stimulating thought is still the best project for the future.