Vertigo Design
2015 calendar
Rome: Mind-set

Trying to describe Rome is a difficult, if not impossible, feat. It is too complex and contradictory a city, charged with history and emotions, full of reminders of the past. Rome, in its entirety, is too much, and the job of deciphering it is even more arduous for those who live there and walk its streets every day.As we deeply respect this city, we wanted to do it justice by choosing intimate and subjective moments. The twelve months of the year and narrated by placing together six couples of opposite, but similar, concepts (Under/over, Inside/outside, Light/shade, Father/mother, Empty/full, Death/life) that keep attracting and repelling us, just like great love stories do.

Words and images on the pages convey emotions, but the whole thing remains elusive and contradictory, just like Rome itself.
This is a city seen through one’s heart and soul, more than with one’s eyes or pen. Brief stories, entwined with text, photos and images. It is taken from the designer’s, photographer’s and copywriter’s point of view, who instead of describing Rome have tried to make the observer understand that Rome is a city to be travelled slowly, one month at a time, exploring the clamour of the unsaid.