Vertigo Design

Unicef Italy commissioned Vertigo Design for the project, layout design and professional support for a very special publication: the story of Kinshasa street kids, put together by two professionals with an “in field” work carried for several months in the place. We choose a typology of landscape publication to re-create a kind of album effect, and an uninterrupted story-telling kind of images and words selection, so to arise curiosity in kids getting in touch with this product (target readers were set as ranging between 15 and 25 years old). The volume size is XXX and YY  which has been an uneasy task, considering the setting-up needs for such an out-of-standard solution (managing also to cope with the budget limits).

  • Client: Unicef
  • Date: May, 2008
  • Category: Editorial
Nelle strade di Kinshasa