Vertigo Design

For the 8th year Vertigo curated the Telespazio calendar “LovePlanetEarth”, a photographic memorandum for the future that will come, and a thoughtful visual moment for a changing planet. In the 12 tables are presented images of  an unusual beauty of the Earth, as it is possible to admire it from the outer-space, thanks the support of “concept” photographs.
The result allows the growing of a reflective moment focused on the beauty and fragility of our ecosystem, beside the climate change aftermaths of the recent years. In the 2014 calendar are featured metropolitan landscapes, fragments of nature - that humankind cannot lose- as the pluvial forest, the precious “pharmacies” of the planet, and the delta of the river, shelter to many endangered animals....And if from an higher prospective that river shapes the silhouette of some endangered creature, the coincidence is leaving us with no more words...

  • Client: Telespazio
  • Date: January, 2014
  • Category: Editorial
Love Planet Earth