Vertigo Design

Interview with Louise Fili

An interview by Mario Rullo with the visual designer Louise Fili, published on the magazine “MercedesMe: ELEGANTISSIMA”. Louise Fili is a designer whose work is remarkable for a refined use of typography (for both the drawing of new fonts and the lettering composition), vintage iconography and inspiring elements from the most vivid European Artistic Heritage – above all focusing on Italian panorama. She is born in the United States indeed, but her mother from Calabria and father from Sicily Italian regions, make her feel an Italian belonging flowing through her veins.


Letterpress with SVA from New York

Letterpress workshop with students from the School of Visual Arts of New York, and Master in Typography at the RUFA of Rome (Rome University of Fine Arts). A whole day exploring movable-type, lithographic stamps, new shapes, Rome postcards, hands ink-coloured, and... smiles! With Lita Talarico, Steven Heller, Louise Fili, Maria Pina Bentivenga, Mario Rullo and Mario Fois.


Belluno, a radiant city

After an almost 5 years lasting time (started with a competition organised by aiap), during the last hours the installation phase for the system of signs alongside the touristic path of the city has been completed. Vertigo Design project has been chosen by a committee – chief Sergio Polano- who underlined how in their project were met such criteria as “an organic system of city paths allowing citizens to be guided in a discreet way exploring the beauties of Belluno”.