Vertigo Design

2010 / 365 numbers that count

Every day of the year, everywhere, numbers talk to us. Figures or percentages, numbers show every aspect of our world: from the money in your pocket to the beating of your heart. The visual representation of data is fundamental in order to convey and spread information. Numbers are often shown as diagrams, tables and graphs that, through synthesis and hierarchies, should allow us to immediately understand the nature and size of problems, as well as how to resolve them and the quality and quantity of reality.


2009 / Six unanswerable questions

The greatest aim of science is probably our ability to face each answer we receive with new questions. Although much progress is evidently being made in our world, we still have an infinite number of doubts that we are unable to solve, and some questions we ask ourselves are the same ones a child could ask himself. After reading “10 Questions Science Can't Answer Yet; a Guide to The Scientific Wilderness” by Michael Hanlon – which gave us our six themes – we learned to look at reality in a different, purer and deeper way as we once did when we were younger, and used our imagination to play.


2008 / Six memos

Lightness, agility, precision, visibility, multiplicity and coherence are exhibited in Vertigo Design's 2008 calendar. Lezioni americane. Sei proposte per il prossimo millennio è un libro basato su di una serie di lezioni preparate da Italo Calvino nel 1985 in vista di un ciclo di sei lezioni da tenere all'Università di Harvard, nell'ambito delle prestigiose "Poetry Lectures" - intitolate al dantista e storico dell'arte americano Charles Eliot Norton. Il ciclo, previsto per l'autunno di quello stesso anno, non si è mai tenuto a causa della morte di Calvino avvenuta nel settembre 1985. (Wikipedia)