Vertigo Design

Isia Pescara Design is not a static space offering contents, but rather it's a place where new generations of project designers are shaped and where new ideas for the future can born. While defining its identity, we have chosen to design a flexible and dynamic system, being coherent with the research, teaching and cultural needs and aims of the institution- while trying also to catch some stimuli coming from contemporary languages.
The modular grid on which is based the identity has to be interpreted as a base on which it's possible to experience the many variations of shapes and colours, an “action camp” for the most unpredictable morphological experiments. Its attitude towards transformation and variations, defines an infinite possibilities of morphologies, contributing in defining its uniqueness.

  • Client: Isia Pescara Design
  • Date: November, 2017
  • Category: Corporate; Digital design; Typeface
Una nuova brand identity per Isia Pescara Design