Vertigo Design

Vertigo was in charge of a large curated an important exhibition held at the MAXXI Museum of Rome investigating presenting an exploration of the relationship between food and space.

At Museum MAXXI in Rome, Vertigo Design curated an important exhibition exploring relations between food and space, through architectures, stories and arts. During the Milan EXPO, the FOOD exhibition helped to discover more about architectures related to storage, distribution, consumption and disposal of food and raw-materials – encouraging a line-up on major topics such as the space and time we inhabit. It has been created a path, divided into six sections (Body, House, Street, City, Landscape, World) where the use of infographic techniques is important, allowing to explain difficult and always changing phenomena. Through murals, interactive maps, videos and 3D models, visitors are carried through the exhibition and its path.

  • Client: Maxxi
  • Date: June 2015
  • Category: Corporate; Advertising; Exhibit