Vertigo Design

Institutional Communication for Beni Stabili.
Vertigo Design was chosen for designing the institutional communication project for the year 2013 by Beni Stabili SIIQ, a society working for more than a century in the sector or Italian Real Estate. The project was coordinated by Ergon Comunicazione.

The image coordination is based on certain concepts such as simplicity and modularity, through chromatic variations on a varying grid.
Editorial materials have been collected in a coordinated folder.
The company manager are behind the publication thanks to a photographic shooting realised personally by Mauro Panci.
A visual timeline for the most meaningful episodes related to the history of Beni Stabili.
The yearly Report shows the most meaningful results through the usage of a clear infographic and minimalist.

  • Client: Beni Stabili
  • Date: July, 2013
  • Category: Editorial
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