Vertigo Design

Beneath the surface of time there are whole worlds of signs, meanings and signals. It's 10 years now that Vertigo Design is proposing a different view to what flows  through time, each day,  presenting in its calendars a view of life 'beyond the obvious'. Themes, topics, representations and interpretations, in a stream of uninterrupted contents and shapes. Every-time presenting this in a slightly different way: throught Italo Calvino “Lezioni Americane” (American Lessons), or with the no-answer questions proposed by Michael Hanlon; through the 'Important Numbers' by Le Monde Diplomatique, languages of information, design and images between representations and dreams, surpass the existence of time. What makes something Italian, and what contradictions make of Rome our city; art becoming word, and vice versa, and timelines as time machines...

  • Client: Vertigo Design
  • Date: October 2017
  • Category: Exhibit